How it did start?

We realized there are some problems in the health and beauty industry that led us to create Ziena Organics™. Our fundamental issue with the beauty industry is that many brands create products that will sell rather than consider our skin's health or even our environment. This results in over-promising claims and harsh products that damage the skin long-term. Consumers have been trained to apply more than what our skin needs, which disrupts the skin's natural functionality and can lead to chronic inflammation. Despite the abundant product options and information out there, as a consumer, we are more confused than ever about personal care product.

We have vowed to stay true to our goal of ensuring that all Ziena Organics™ products are made and manufactured in Canada. With our expertise and determination, we strive to provide the world with ‘true’ organic products. Our organic raw materials are USDA Organic certified, this means the NOP strict regulations govern the lifecycle of these products; from the soil they grow, to cultivation methods, to their handling and to the final processes for use in a formula - Which means,they are free of pesticides, herbicides and toxic preservatives. We are very proud to bring the riches from nature to enhance and enrich your organic personal care products with the prestige of the USDA Organic Seal.

Ziena Organics™ is more than a personal care brand. It's a philosophy that encourages fulfillment of potential and healthy more balanced living.

Ecology: We, at Ziena Organics™, are extremely concerned with the future of our earth. To minimize the carbon footprint, we use PET plastic for our packaging which is 100% recyclable. We also use post consumer recycled printing paper which help us to save 60% energy, reduces 95% of air pollution and saves 17 trees/ton of recycled paper.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, we are proud to contribute in a new economy for a healthier Planet .

One of our goals with Ziena Organics™ is to support a non profit organization that we hold dear to our hearts, such as: Fondation Autisme (www.fondationautisme.com)
Ziena Organics™ is giving back 1% of all sales to these non profit organizations.
We strive to support all of those who are being affected by the current hardships that our world is facing.